It’s personal – the email marketing trick you should learn from a legendary broadcaster

Killer subject fields and punchy opening lines ensure readers stay with you in your email marketing. If you don’t grab your reader within seven seconds they’ll be gone.

Too many email marketing newsletters take up valuable time by beginning with the words ‘Hello everyone.’

What a waste.

Learn a lesson from the late Terry Wogan.

When asked how many listeners he had at the peak of his Wake Up To Wogan breakfast show the answer he gave provided great insight for your marketing operation.

He said: ‘One’.

In fact he had nine million, but the secret of his success was the fact that he made each listener feel as though they were in a one-to-one relationship.

So don’t start an email with the words ‘Hello everyone.’

Just plough straight in to your killer first line.

What should you put instead?

Your first words should show that you understand the problem your reader is facing and persuade them that you’re going to help.

You will then earn the right to make a recommendation regarding the solution – at which point your sales funnel kicks in.

Your next step

• Review your most recent marketing email and see if it addressed people as individuals or as a crowd.

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