Most people don’t know what they don’t know about LinkedIn. Here’s why Janine now knows better

It’s easy to make the assumption that everyone knows everything there is to know about how to use LinkedIn.

It’s been around since 2003 and by its tenth birthday had attracted 225 million members.


As of last month – April 2017 – it had 500 million members across the globe.


Impressive figures, but the sheer scale of the platform can make it intimidating for newbies.


We often meet people who set up a LinkedIn account and who have never done anything with it, so it’s wonderful when we assemble a bunch of people who have become LinkedIn sceptics through lack of use and then open their eyes to the possibilities with just a tiny effort.

Our most recent LinkedIn workshop attracted Janine Lewis of 3J Fitness in Reading, who was looking for ways to expand the three streams of her business – outdoor fitness, wellbeing and nutrition.

Janine is a relatively new business owner and had not seen any value from her LinkedIn account. Her eyes were opened.


Janine heard Lisa praising LinkedIn as a valuable asset in any business’s marketing armoury and was interested enough to come along and be convinced.


At the workshop Janine was inspired and is growing her LinkedIn network with renewed vigour.


In her workshop feedback Janine told us: ‘You identified LinkedIn as being the appropriate platform to demonstrate and showcase a business’s speciality and attract contacts and new opportunities. I had no idea how to search for the wood amongst the trees!


‘I saw this as an essential investment and had total trust and confidence in your skills to deliver a workshop that I could understand, competently action and continue to nurture.


‘You had a mixed audience with differing agendas but you kept the training appropriate and on track. You orchestrated the various questions and needs to help expand the knowledge of all of us.’


In the week following the workshop Janine confidently added content that reflected her character and business, making it attractive to her target audience. Even if it had stopped there the workshop would have given excellent value, but Lisa takes people further by providing advice on how to follow up and prospect the views in an unthreatening way. It’s the workshop that keeps on giving.


So if you would like to …

• Have a fully set up and optimised LinkedIn profile that will work for you – showcasing you as an expert in your field of work


• Understand the importance of recommendations and learn how to ask for them!


• Understand how to build up your network and gain new quality contacts


• Learn how to best interact with your connections, groups and discussions


• Know how to use the search feature for prospecting and find leads to grow your business


• Know how to turn your online contacts into offline customers


• Be confident to manage your online LinkedIn community with our Top Timesavers and Tips


• Develop a LinkedIn marketing strategy for your business


… then register for our next workshop now!





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A brief history of LinkedIn:

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