Taking The Mystery Out Of Marketing

Marketing is hard. We’re not going to sugar coat that bit for you unfortunately. It’s one of the toughest parts of running your own business, because it’s one of the main drivers behind gaining new customers. 

Without marketing your business in some way, you will only see limited success, which if you ask us is a crying shame. At Pickle Marketing, we want your business to succeed, so we make it our mission to help you.

In general, there are 3 ways you can manage your marketing – outsource it, do it yourself or secret option 3.

Outsource: Outsource marketing is a popular option for business owners who are simply too busy to do it themselves. It’s usually taken up by smaller businesses or one man bands, who don’t want to bring on a new person to do their marketing for them. We take on their social media management, from scheduling posts to interacting with their customers and driving leads to their website.


DIY: Of course, doing it yourself is always an option, and for some business owners this works very well. Because you are in your business every day, you often have little stories to tell that bring a real element of personal management to your social media. But making sure everything is done regularly is the big challenge here, and with personally managed accounts there is often a problem with content gaps.


Mentoring: The secret option in box number 3 – get some help and do it yourself. How? Get yourself a good mentor to help you out.


What Is Marketing Mentoring?


Marketing mentoring is a brand new service, brought to you direct from the brains of Pickle Marketing HQ. We noticed that there was a gap out there for business owners or marketing managers who really want to get their hands dirty with their social media, but struggle to keep up with it by themselves. Often it’s because they have no one to keep them accountable and making sure they are actually doing what is written in their plans. That’s where we come in. Your personal marketing mentor will:


  • Deliver comprehensive social media training on your chosen platforms.
  • Help you set realistic social media goals, along with a strategy to make sure you meet them.
  • Provide detailed analysis of your efforts and measurement, so you can see what is working and what isn’t.
  • Make weekly accountability calls via Skype, to make sure you are sticking to the plan and to support you in your efforts.


And overall, just be there as your sounding board and social media guru. Our weekly marketing mentoring calls usually last around 45 minutes, giving you plenty of time to talk to us about that weeks performance, ask any questions and get some tailored advice for moving forward. With Pickle behind you, you won’t be able to put your social media marketing off any more – and when you see the results you won’t want to!


If you think you could benefit from some training and tough love management, have a chat with Lisa and the team at Pickle towers. We’re always happy to talk about everything marketing, training or dogs. All it takes is a phone call (01491 877533), email (yan@picklemarketing.co.uk) or tweet @PickleMarketing, and you could be on your way to social media mastery in no time.