We’re Your Venus (Awards) Finalists!

If you’ve been following us for a while, you may (or may not) have noticed that our head social media superhero Lisa has been nominated for an award! In fact, she’s breezed through the first round and has made it to the final! 

We at Pickle Towers are incredibly proud of her for this achievement, and wanted to tell you all a little bit about what this award means for Lisa.

What Are The Venus Awards


The Venus Awards (also known as the Working Women’s Oscars) is an award to recognise, reward and celebrate local working women in business. While it is a nationwide award, each region has their own nominations and ceremonies. In fact, it started out as a regional award in Dorset back in 2009 before exploding across the country. Now there are over 11 regions involved in hosting Venus Awards, with 19 categories up for grabs in each one. But what’s really, really special, is that this is the first year the Venus Awards have been held in the Thames Valley! According to this wonderful press release, they had 1,400 nominations and 320 applications for the awards, and last extraordinary number was whittled down to 3 finalists for each category, through a combination of sponsor and public judging. Now the finals are drawing nearer, and we can’t wait to see Lisa in her best dress getting ready for the big news.

What Category Is Lisa Up For?


Now, we mentioned that there are 19 categories up for grabs, so which one has Lisa landed in? Why, Networker of the Year of course! Anyone who knows Lisa knows just how much she is committed to networking to promote Pickle Marketing, and I’m sure that’s where many of you will have met her! She’s up against 2 other lovely local business women,Rachel Tombs of Links2Leads and Lis Allen of Vagina Dialogues in a bid to win the title. This award is being sponsored by Grosvenor Casinos, who have locations across the whole UK, including Thames Valley. We asked Lisa what she thought about making it through to the finals;


“I’m thrilled to have made it through to the finals for the Venus awards.  Networking has been a #1 strategy for me growing the business over the past 8yrs - so it’s fantastic to see all that hard work paying off in this fantastic achievement.”


Lisa attributes part of her success to her time as Vice President of the Reading Central BNI Chapter, which she has recently taken over as President. The Reading Central Chapter is one of the most successful in the area, with 47 members exchanging over £1.7m of business over the last 12 months. Lisa has been an integral part of the success of the chapter for many years, which alongside her efforts in other networking groups has earned her the title of ‘Miss Networker.’ If she doesn’t deserve to be Networker of the Year, I don’t know who does!


The finals for this years’ Venus Awards are creeping ever closer, and we’ve got the office calendar counting down to the 9th June. The whole Pickle team wish Lisa, and all the other finalists the best of luck in the final step on this exciting adventure. We hope to see you there!

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