Why you should pick anyone but us for your social media marketing agency

Frankly, we’re too busy. Honestly, we have that many clients we couldn’t possibly squeeze you in as well.

Why don’t you go to those nice people who say they’re the experts? They have the word ‘guru’ in their bumpf so they must be good.

And they’ve told you exactly what you need to be doing without wasting any of your time listening to what you have to say about it.

Then there’s the flashy video that just popped up in your Facebook timeline. It looked good – I mean, it was a-maze-ing, dahling, and the music was that hit from last year and it must have cost them a packet in copyright, so they’ll be happy to spend your money on big-budget stuff, obvs.

And they must be incredibly immersed in their clients because they don’t appear to be too worried about updating their own channels on a regular basis. OK, so the video was good but that’s the first thing they’ve done on their own Facebook page since Danny Baker got kicked out of the jungle.

And when you look at our Twitter feed, our Instagram profile and our Facebook page we’re just too busy smiling at people and sharing good stuff that happens to everyone who asks us to help them. I mean, who needs THAT kind of agency working for them?

Poor old postman had trouble delivering a package to us the other day, too, because it hadn’t been addressed properly.

It said:

Lisa Chaffey
Best Social Media
Pickle Marketing
Thames Court

"Best Social Media". Well, it made us smile, but surely there isn’t a grain of truth in it.  Who has offices in Goring, for goodness sake? What a dump.

Look, we’re so glad you dropped in and we sincerely appreciate your interest, but get yourself over to one of those proper social media experts. The ones who know it all because, like, nothing has changed in social media this decade, so what’s new to learn? 

We’re not gurus. We’re not experts. We don’t know it all. We’re just a bunch of talented people who know our stuff and who want to be like superheroes to our clients – busting a gut to squeeze every last ounce of interest out of the story they want to tell their customers and clients.

If you want those kind of people on your case, well, you get what you deserve.

.... Pssst! (And keep this to yourself, by the way)

Just to reassure you that do have the capacity to help you. We were just grabbing your attention earlier, so that the less discerning people pushed off. If you have arrived at this point in the post that tactic appears to have worked. So maybe we ARE right for you, after all.


So, what CAN you expect from us?

• We listen to what your aims and objectives are. We don’t tell you what they should be

• We work within the budget set by you – obviously we’ll make recommendations, but they’ll be realistic for what you want to achieve

• We won’t pretend to know it all. The world of social media and marketing changes daily. It’s a bit scary that things move on so quickly but the fundamental skills remain the same, it’s usually just the techie stuff that marches on. But we do keep up with that, too. However, nobody should claim to be an expert on top of everything all the time. We don’t.

• We won’t take a sledgehammer to crack a nut. You might not have big ambitions for your social media presence. If all you want is a Facebook page that keeps ticking over rather than lying dormant, then that's what we'll give you. 

So where do we go from here? This is how we work with people. And if you like what you see there, here's what people who HAVE worked with us say.  

Or you could always be really old-fashioned and give us a buzz on the office line: 01481 877533